A Global Healing Community for Gay Men’s Health & Wellness

Samadhi Tribe is a transformational community for gay men (and our allies) coming together to heal mind, body, and soul via ancient wisdom teachings, modern science, and the most accessible holistic tool on the planet—your breath!

Samadhi Tribe is free to join!

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How does Samadhi Tribe Work (Play)?

A Transformational Community for Gay Men (and Our Allies)

Connecting learners with expert instructors, Samadhi Tribe offers a global community, online courses, and access to in-person and online classes, workshops, and retreats to support your healing journey to lifelong wellness and happiness.


Find like-minded users on similar wellness paths grouped for collective growth.


Connect in a support learning enviornment for deeper connection and purpose.


Learn from expert instructors covering a wide-range of healing modalities.


Discover courses, classes, workshops, and retreats to support your journey.

When We Breathe Together, We Feel and Heal Together.

Statistically, compared to our heterosexual brothers, gay men experience higher rates of:

  • anxiety, stress, and depression;
  • isolation and loneliness;
  • addiction to drugs, alcohol, and sex;
  • and unfortunately, higher rates of suicide.

And no wonder! We have been demonized, disenfranchised, and disempowered for the better part of the last two thousand years.

Samadhi Tribe was created with a desire to help like-minded gay men (and our allies) on their healing journey, create a safe-space environment for deeper connection, and to support fellow healers/instructors on the path to supporting the healing and personal transformation other gay men’s health and wellness—mind, body & soul.

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Become a Samadhi Tribe Instructor

Open Call for Healers, Shamans & the Keepers of Wisdom

Samadhi Tribe is a place for instructors to share their wisdom via online courses, classes, workshops, and retreats in a healing community for gay men (and our allies) on their healing journey of personal transformation.

Following a simple 80/20 profit model, coming soon, Samadhi Tribe will provided an online marketplace inside the community where instructors can upload, promote, and sell their online courses.

All healing disciplines/modalities are welcome. As a Samadhi Tribe instructor you’ll be an offical moderator of associated forums under you discipline to insure the factual validity of forum content for our tribe.

Coming Soon: instructors will be able to promote their online and in-person classes, workshops, and retreats (free of charge).

Interested in becoming a Samadhi Tribe Instructor? Apply Today!

Become a Samadhi Tribe Supporter

A Global Online Healing Community Supported by It’s Members

Unlike other “social networks,” Samadhi Tribe strives to prevent censorship or advertising (except for our instructors courses and events) throughout the platform. As such, we are fully funded out-of-pocket by our founder(s), members, and ultimate, the sales of our instructors online courses.

Help us make Samadhi Tribe a thriving community of like-minded gay men, our allies, and connecting expert healers/instructors to support their healing journey to lifelong wellness, happiness, and personal transformation.

If you’d like to help us grow rapidly into the thriving online healing community, consider making a financial contribution today.
Samadhi Tribe (Supporter)

Who is Jason Samadhi?

Meet the Founder of Samadhi Tribe

Hi, I'm Jason Samadhi. The founder of Samadhi Breath, and Samadhi Tribe, and Heart-Centered Creator—I am a certified SOMA Breath® breathwork instructor, designer, artist, mindful expat living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I believe you are your own medicine and you create your reality. So, create a life you love!